A few words

About Me

I’m a multi-faceted Domme who loves to use her talents to convert beta men into her hopelessly devoted possessions. I can easily extract information about your biggest weaknesses and use them to tease you into developing a craving for Me that has you crawling back again and again.

I am a
financial dominatrix capable of taking over your finances, letting My greed run wild while you send and stroke. I’ll have you leaking cash at the sound of My snapping fingers, conditioning you to make Me a little wealthier every time you hear that irresistible sound. You’ll come to learn just how much better cumming feels when your orgasms are expensive.

I am a
pussy-free lifestyle enforcer determined to have you desperately denied in a beta-appropriate lifestyle. You might get locked in chastity, unable to touch yourself at all without My explicit permission, or you might build a gooning addiction that has you forgetting about sex in favour of more time with your hand on your dick and porn on your screen. With either option, you won’t be pestering women for pussy anymore.

I am the
devil in a little black dress, here to push you deeper into your kinks and to encourage you to explore your submissive side. Then I’ll help warp your mind a little further and introduce new kinks you didn’t realize you would absolutely love.

I can be the ruthlessly cruel bitch Domme who pushes you closer and closer to ruin and I can be the sweetly sadistic Mommy Domme, depending on which sub I’m toying with and what mood I’m in. Different subs bring out different sides of Me and I love the opportunities to let them run wild.

I operate exclusively online. I do not offer in-person sessions.

If you're ready to embrace your place as My bitch, it's time to reach out and tell Me you need Me.